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The Aakkam Legacy Project transcends traditional philanthropy by spearheading a comprehensive approach to uplift the educational trajectories of deserving youths in orphanages. Beyond being a mere financial sponsor for college education, our project initiates a meticulous six-month process, commencing prior to the 12thgrade board exams. A specialized team from Aakkam, proficient in the realm of education, collaborates with orphanages to identify students preparing for their 12th-grade exams. The team engages with individual students to complete the Aakkam Legacy Project Intake Application, assessing their academic qualifications based on 10th and 11th-grade performance, as well as internal 12th-grade exam scores. This thorough evaluation guides the final selection of candidates eligible for Aakkam sponsorship.Upon identifying candidates, our team conducts monthly meetings with them, exploring their academic interests, preferred colleges, and envisioned career paths. Aakkam’s team of experts provides guidance on optimal degree choices, instilling confidence in candidates by reaffirming Aakkam’s steadfast support until they secure gainful employment post-graduation. These interactions not only foster a deep understanding of the candidates but also serve as motivational forums, enhancing their performance in board exams. The Aakkam Legacy Project positions sponsored individuals as the enduring Legacy of Aakkam. Legacy Builders, the sponsors, commit to financially supporting their chosen candidates, covering college fees, hostel expenses, study materials, clothing, mobile devices, and monthly living costs. Additionally, sponsors have the unique opportunity to mentor and guide their sponsored individuals through their educational journey until they achieve financial independence.Recognizing the substantial commitment involved, Aakkam encourages multiple Legacy Builders to jointly sponsor a single student, fostering shared responsibility. This inclusive approach enables a broader community to contribute to the transformative impact of legacy building. Our meticulously designed project places the future of Aakkam at its core. The foundation ensures a seamless process, providing sponsors with comprehensive information before committing. Regular events and gatherings, held every six months, allow sponsors to track academic progress and facilitate meaningful connections between Aakkam, sponsors, and the sponsored youths, fostering a sense of integration within the Aakkam family. The Aakkam Legacy Project stands as a testament to our commitment to empower the next generation, providing not just financial assistance but a holistic support system that shapes futures and builds lasting legacies.

Vision Statment

Empowering Dreams, Transforming Lives: The Aakkam Legacy Project envisions a future where every deserving youth in orphanages has the opportunity to realize their educational aspirations, break the cycle of adversity, and become architects of their destiny. We strive to cultivate a legacy of empowered individuals who, supported by the Aakkam family, contribute positively to society, creating a ripple effect of lasting impact.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Aakkam Legacy Project is to uplift and empower orphaned youths by providing comprehensive support throughout their educational journey. Through meticulous selection, personalized mentorship, and financial sponsorship, we aim to build a community of Legacy Builders dedicated to fostering academic success, career development, and self-sufficiency. Our mission is to create a legacy that not only transforms individual lives but also contributes to the broader societal fabric, embodying the values of education, empowerment, and compassion.

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Manager IT Technology Value Delivery. St. Petersburg, USA

About Me

I play a crucial role in strategically aligning IT/OT resources to drive competitive advantage, foster business innovation, and enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency. By leveraging our existing resources, capabilities, and emerging technologies, I facilitate the achievement of these objectives. I accomplish this through effective portfolio management, program management, and demand management practices to maximize overall value and impact.

Why I Chose Aakkam?

Embracing a purpose-driven existence, characterized by a strong sense of direction, well-defined goals, and a values-based approach, has always been my personal pursuit. I believe in creating a life that is fulfilling and meaningful, where my actions align with my deepest beliefs. Aakkam offers me a unique platform to transcend the limitations of my daily routine and operate within a broader domain, enabling me to make a far-reaching impact beyond the boundaries of my everyday life.

Name: Praveen G

About Me: I am a resilient and spirited girl named Sarah lights up the room with her infectious laughter. Despite facing life’s challenges, I navigate the surroundings with a curiosity that knows no bounds. Sarah’s eyes sparkle with dreams of a brighter future, and her compassionate nature fosters a sense of camaraderie among her fellow orphans through art and storytelling, she finds solace and expression, proving that even in the face of adversity, the indomitable spirit of a child can illuminate the
darkest corners

College: VLB JACET

Course/Year: 3rd Year B.E. Mechanical

Academic Accomplishments: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Maecenas vitae ante pellentesque, fermentum diam ut, tincidunt enim. Sed urna felis, ullamcorper non porta nec, pretium pharetra mi. Integer hendrerit vel mauris ac rutrum. Donec pretium neque massa, a efficitur mi sodales non. Proin sed velit

What i wanna become: Automobile Manfacturer

My happiest moment: Automobile Manfacturer

My most challenging moment: When I lost my mom

My hobbies: Playing Cricket

Orphanage: Ashraya Charitable trust

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  • 80G Registration Number: AAITA9135EF20231 dated October 24th, 2023.