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4. PUPS&A Kallipatti


Number of Students


Project cost

23 July 2021

Completion date

Panchayat Union Primary School & Anganwadi – Kallipatti

Panchayat Union Primary School & Anganwadi – Kallipatti, Negamam Post, Pollachi North, Coimbatore District – 642110. Tamilnadu, India

Number of Students

School HM/ Teacher
Mr. Balamurugan

Project Completion Date
23 July 2021

Total Project Cost

Panchayat Union Primary School & Anganwadi in Kallipatti was established in 1978. It is located in a rural area, 45 km from Coimbatore District headquarters in Tamil Nadu. Being the only educational institution in the village for primary education, it plays a vital role in providing education to the local community. The school is accessible via an all-weather road.

Recognizing the importance of providing a creative outlet and aspirational vision to the students, the Aakkam team, with the support of the School Headmaster, Mr. Balamurugan, identified the need for mural paintings in the school premises. The team procured the necessary materials and painted the entire school campus with educative and creative drawings.

The students were thrilled to see our team at the school, and the School Headmaster, Mr. Balamurugan, provided his acknowledgment. Aakkam Foundation expresses its gratitude to the School Headmaster and the school’s management for providing us with this opportunity. Our team felt delighted and cherished the few hours spent with the students.

By providing mural paintings, Aakkam Foundation aims to stimulate the students’ creativity and inspire them with a visually appealing environment. We believe that these paintings will contribute to a more enriching and enjoyable learning experience for the students of Panchayat Union Primary School & Anganwadi in Kallipatti.

Items provided by Aakkam

  • Painting entire school with educative and creative drawings

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