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14. PUPS Maruvai


Number of Students


Project cost

8 November 2022

Completion date

Panchayat Union Primary School – Maruvai

Panchayat Union Primary School – Maruvai, Kurunjipadi Taluk,

Cuddalore District, 607302 , Tamilnadu, India

Number of Students

School HM/ Teacher
Mrs. V.Vijaya

Project Completion Date
8 November 2022

Total Project Cost

Panchayat Union Primary School @ Maruvai was established in 1954 and is situated in a rural area, 16 km from the district headquarters of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. This school serves as a primary education institution for the local community, with a student population of sixty-three. However, the school was facing a significant challenge as it lacked a computer-aided lab for teaching and learning purposes.

Understanding the importance of modern educational tools, the Aakkam team, with the support of the School Headmaster, Ms. Vijaya, identified the crucial requirement of electronic devices. We procured and provided the necessary items to the school, enabling the students to have an enhanced educational experience. Witnessing our team’s arrival, the students were thrilled, and the School Headmaster graciously acknowledged our efforts.

Aakkam Foundation expresses heartfelt gratitude to the School Headmaster and the school’s management for providing us with this opportunity. Our team is thankful for the delightful experience and the few hours spent with the students. We are committed to supporting their educational journey and ensuring a conducive learning environment.

Items provided by Aakkam

  • Desktop Computer
  • Color Printer & Scanner

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