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10. PUPS Marichettipathy


Number of Students


Project cost

20 October 2022

Completion date

Panchayat Union Primary School – Marichettipathy

Panchayat Union Primary School, Marichettipathy, Kumittipathy (PO),

O.K.Mandapam Via, Coimbatore – 641032. Tamilnadu, India.

Number of Students

School HM/ Teacher
Mrs. Radha

Project Completion Date
20 October 2022

Total Project Cost

Panchayat Union Primary School in Marichettipathi was established in 1965 and is situated in an urban area, 26 km from Coimbatore district headquarters in Tamil Nadu. The school serves as a primary education institution and has a total student population of forty. However, the school was lacking in furniture, equipment, and stationary items, which were essential to enhance the students’ education and their overall school experience.

With the support of the School Headmaster, Ms. Radha, the Aakkam team recognized the urgent requirements and procured the necessary items. The provision of furniture, equipment, and stationary items has significantly contributed to improving the learning environment for the students. Upon witnessing our team’s arrival at the school, the students were thrilled, and the School Headmaster graciously acknowledged our efforts.

Aakkam Foundation extends its gratitude to the School Headmaster and the school’s management for granting us this opportunity to make a positive impact. Our team was filled with delight and cherished the valuable hours spent with the students. As Aakkam Foundation continues its endeavors, we remain committed to supporting the school and its students in their educational journey.

Items provided by Aakkam

  • Round table – 5
  • Baby Chair – 40
  • Ruled Notebook – 40
  • Scale ruler – 40
  • Pencil – 200
  • Ball pen – 200
  • Eraser – 200
  • Sharpener – 200
  • Pencil Box – 40
  • Color Pencil – 40
  • Packet, Plate – 40
  • Tumbler – 40

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